Robert Pattinson shares passion for helping orphans at GO Gala

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Robert Pattinson is giving back by helping orphans and underserved children around the world through his efforts with GO Campaign. The "Lighthouse" actor hosted the 13th Annual GO Gala in Hollywood to heighten awareness and garner contributions alongside the organization he has been involved with for six years.

GO Campaign partners with "local heroes" and raises funds to aid vulnerable children worldwide. The nonprofit funds projects that provide children with education, medical care, enrichment programs, and more. This year's gala focused on compiling resources to help children affected by gun violence and the migrant crisis.

As an ambassador for GO Campaign, Pattinson is passionate about using his platform to make a difference for the next generation.

The actor has a personal connection to GO Campaign and he tells On The Red Carpet: "It's always just [whomever] is running the organization that's the most important thing, and I really trust them."

"They're very smart about who they choose to invest in," Pattinson continues, referring to the "grassroots local heroes" the organization partners with to mobilize projects.

Many stars showed their support for the cause. Attendees included Rami Malek, John David Washington, Chris Evans, Armie Hammer and more.

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star Kaitlin Olson tells On the Red Carpet about why she advocates for the cause, jokingly saying, "The adults in the world are really ruining everything, and all we can count on right now [are] the kids."

She goes on to say, "I have such a passion for helping children....Our world is so upside down right now, we kind of have to look to the future, and rely on educating our kids."

On The Red Carpet also caught up with Paris Hilton, who was proud to be representing GO Campaign. She tells us, "There are so many children around the world who need our help, and it's really amazing that everyone's coming together tonight to make a difference."

For those who don't have as big of a platform as the celebrity attendees, Pattinson advises to "research as much as you can" and "donate to something which will actually make a difference."
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