Granada Hills residents say neighborhood home looks like junkyard, poses health hazard

GRANADA HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For years, residents have complained about a home in their Granada Hills neighborhood, which they say looks like a junkyard and poses a health hazard.

The front yard, backyard and every inch of space surrounding the home is covered with piles of junk and trash. Meanwhile, the rest of the quiet street is lined with well-kept houses.

"I really don't know how somebody can live in that type of squalor. It's really horrible," said Tina Alleguez.

Neighbors say the home has become a long-running nightmare.

"In the last three years, it's gotten really bad. Slowly but surely worse and worse. Everyday it gets worse," said Les Claypool.

They even say the neighborhood has seen a big increase in rodents. Those who live in the neighborhood say the problems started after the homeowner died and his son moved in.

Security cameras have captured people coming and going late at night, dropping things off at the house. Some believe the resident is operating a business.

"I think people are dumping their junk and paying him a dump fee. So, instead of taking it to the dump, they're using a residence as a dump," Alleguez said.

They've filed several complaints and inspectors have visited the property and levied fines.

L.A. City Councilman John Lee says the resident of the home has been ordered to appear in court.

"We set up court dates but, unfortunately, because of the way the court system is set up, the defendant has failed to show up," Lee said. "And because it's a non-violent crime, there's no real consequences for that."

Neighbors say at times the resident has removed some of the junk from the yard, only to fill it up again. They're hoping city officials can quickly come up with a way to ensure that the property is cleaned up.
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