Class is back in session as season 5 of 'Grown-ish' returns on Freeform

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Class is back in session as season 5 of 'Grown-ish' returns
Marcus Scribner, Trevor Jackson, and Diggy Simmons talk about the back half of season 5 of "Grown-ish" as it returns to Freeform. Sandy Kenyon has more on the series.

NEW YORK -- "Grown-ish" returns Wednesday evening on Freeform as the Emmy-nominated sitcom comes back from a break to finish its fifth season.

The spinoff of ABC's hit show "Black-ish" follows Andrew Johnson Junior as he goes from being the little brother of his popular sister to a big man on campus.

Viewers watched Marcus Scribner come of age on TV.

He was a kid on "Black-ish" for eight seasons and now finds himself "Grown-ish" in the middle of season five at college.

"These characters have really continued to evolve, and I think audience members love to see themselves in the characters and see that growth alongside with their real life," Scribner said.

His co-stars said they have grown close over the years of working together and are now celebrating the renewal of their series for another season.

It comes at a time when their show is growing in impact.

"I just got back from Europe you know and I was in Paris, and a girl in the street was like 'I watch the show,'" said Diggy Simmons. "You know that's kinda what you don't expect so much is how I can touch so many different people from different cultures."

"It talks about real situations, real people, and real conversations that I think the world needs," Trevor Jackson said.

"Grown-ish" resumes on a romantic note for Jackson's character and Scribner finds many attracted to Junior, but the rest of the season will find him facing anxiety.

"We all go through ups and downs and struggle with our mental health, and getting to see a character like this who's always been so bright and exciting also struggle and get to act it out and perform it felt really good and relieving and felt like a release," Scribner said.

Each of the performers have enjoyed a five-star reputation in real-life but remain grounded and delighted by their good fortune.

"I'm pumped, I'm excited, I'm ready," Scribner said.