Your Halloween costume could be a safety hazard. Here's how to stay safe

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Avoid Halloween costumes hazards with these tips
Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but your costume could become a hazard if you don't take some precautions. One expert breaks down the easy steps you can take to stay safe.

It's almost time to break out the costume make-up and superhero outfits. Halloween is now less than a week away!

While you're putting the final touches on your costume, here are some safety reminders for you, and the kids.

For starters, beware of masks that might block your or your child's vision.

"If there are eye holes, make sure they're big enough so that your child can see clearly," Pediatrician Dr. Liberty Lowe with Kaiser Permanente Orange County said. "If you have a young child, check for potential choking hazards and pick a costume that's bright and reflective. So, if you have a homemade costume that's not bright or reflective, you can attach reflective tape or you can also give your child a flashlight or a glow stick so that people can see them at night."

Remember, kids might trip if their costume is too big and baggy. And make sure any accessories, like fake swords, are soft and flexible.

Both kids and adults should try to wear "flame resistant" fabric, like nylon or polyester.

While colored-contacts might perfectly complete your creepy costume, health experts say you only wear contacts prescribed by your eye doctor.

These non-prescription ones are one size fits all so there's a high likelihood that you can scratch your eye, you can get an infection and even cause permanent damage such as blindness," Lowe explained. "In fact, it's illegal to sell non-prescription contact lenses in the United States. ... So, I would just avoid non-prescription colored contact lenses altogether."

Test any costume make-up at least two days before your big costume reveal, either at a party or while trick-or-treating.

You can put a small amount on your arm, instead of your face. And watch out for signs of irritation, such as a rash, or redness.

You can also check out the FDA's approved color additives list.

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