Mom pilfers Halloween candy from porch of San Diego home

SAN DIEGO (KABC) -- All kinds of hijinx can happen on Halloween night when so many people get dressed up to trick-or-treat. Some of those Halloween hijinx were caught on camera.

Video from San Diego shows a family's front porch where boxes of candy bars were left for trick-or-treaters, along with a note to just take one.

Some people just took one, and others took a few. But then one family came along and took it all.

The video shows a woman dressed as a bunny filling her bucket with candy bars and urging the children to do the same. When they were finished, all the boxes of candy bars were empty.

The family who lives there wanted the video shown in hopes of identifying the woman. Our sister station reports she has been identified as a mother from El Cajon.

There was also Halloween hijinx in Mar Vista. The family at a home left an entire cauldron of candy on the front porch while they took a quick dinner break.

Their security camera captured a frisky kitty trick-or-treater as she crept up the front steps. She pawed at the candy in the cauldron, looked around a bit and then made off with the entire cauldron.

She may have thought the two skulls on the front steps were the only eyewitnesses, but she didn't know a security camera right above her caught her in the act.
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