Huntington Beach Catholic school hosts trunk-or-treat Halloween party

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Wednesday, November 1, 2023
OC Catholic school hosts school-wide Halloween festivities
Halloween has taken over St. Bonaventure Catholic School in Huntington Beach.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Halloween has taken over St. Bonaventure Catholic School in Huntington Beach.

Mary Flock, principal at St. Bonaventure said, "Some things you have to go for instead of fight them and this is one of the things. No school is happening today so we just want to have a good day."

The schoolwide trunk-or-treat event was put on with the help of parents and students.

Mia Yang, an eighth grader said, "I think it just helps us act more as a community together as a school. And, it's just a fun way to enjoy Halloween."

Kids got the opportunity to load up on candy and other treats.

Sean Seipp said, "I'm kind of actually a collector of Pokémon cards. I've gotten eight packs so that's 24 cards added."

Jimmy Heyward, who dressed up as President Ronald Reagan said, "I'm really looking into Snickers. Nothing better than a good ol' Snickers."

First grader Diana Do said, "Skittles... because they're my favorite... they're the cousin of M&Ms.

The school's older students also got a chance to show off their creativity and personalities.

Yang said, "I think everyone likes being able to dress up at school. Especially since we have uniforms so they can be different on Halloween and it's fun."

Heyward added, "A lot of kids get to enjoy it because we really get to express who we are I would say."

Younger kids got a little extra help from their parents.

Organizers said the event is filled with a lot of surprises and allows everyone to get take part in the celebration.

"Not all of our kids participate at night so this really is an opportunity for them to enjoy the holiday like everybody else," Flock said.

She said this event is so very popular with parents that they even have a waitlist for parents who want to participate so they're looking at ways of making it bigger and better next year.