Southern California measles outbreak: Are you confident in your measles immunity?

If you're 30 years old or younger, you probably know if you've been vaccinated against the measles. But if you're a late baby boomer, Gen X'er or an early millennial, you might be questioning your immunity.

Doctors and nurses say, you have to be confident about the knowledge of your status.

For years, I was sure I had the measles which would make me immune to it now. But my mother's shaky recollections are making me want to find out for sure.

And I'm not alone. The Minute Clinic inside CVS pharmacies is being flooded with questions.

Southern California measles outbreak: Doctors answer your questions

"Patients are coming in worried about their immune status. They're wondering if they need a booster vaccine and what does that even mean. They're wondering if the doses they got as a child are still protecting them as adults," said Myriam Boutary, s family nurse practitioner.

If you cannot obtain a definitive answer in regard to your measles vaccination, what blood work needs to be done for physicians to determine your risk level?

"So there is a test that can check levels of immune status in patients who have had certain vaccines. Measles included," Boutary said.

Doctors are looking for measles titers. This identifies the amount of antibodies in a person's blood.

"You're going to fall into a criteria," she said, "You're either going to fall above a certain level per the lab or under."

The test can also be done at your doctor's office.

I can't remember if I had the measles vaccine, should I get a blood test or another shot?

Since we're in the middle of an outbreak, the CDC says if you're unsure, don't bother with a blood test go ahead and get another vaccine. It's safe. Boutary said one shot is all you need, but you can get it a third time and even a fourth time.

If you went to school as a child in the U.S., chances are you were vaccinated with at least one dose. A titer test isn't always covered by insurance and could run you about a $100 out of pocket.

"Contact your insurance company if in doubt and ask that question," Boutary said.

It's more cost effective to get another vaccine dose. Remember, if you end up in quarantine, you'll have to provide proof of your immunity.

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