Shigella outbreak linked to San Jose seafood restaurant

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Mariscos San Juan restaurant in San Jose has been shut down after dozens of customers came down with symptoms of Shigella. (KGO-TV)

Mariscos San Juan restaurant in San Jose has been closed after dozens of customers came down with a severe form of food poisoning, some even being admitted to intensive care.

According to the Public Health Department, a total of more than 40 people have gotten sick since the outbreak started.

So far, Shigella has been confirmed in at least 15 of those cases. Most of them have required hospital admission and 12 of them have required admission into the ICU.

County officials said all of the people ate at Mariscos San Juan restaurant on North 4th Street in San Jose on Friday or Saturday. The restaurant was closed down by the county on Sunday morning.

The health department suspects that the disease was spread by an infected food handler, but all possible sources of contamination are currently being investigated.

Jacob McCluskey has been eating at the restaurant for 15 years and never had a problems, but this outbreak is troubling to him.

"I would probably give them a chance. But maybe, maybe a little bit down the road," McCluskey said.

The restaurant passed its previous two health inspections this year. The Department of Environmental Health shows 10 violations in 2013. They say the restaurant will remain closed until the safety of the public can be assured.

Details on Shigella from the CDC:
The symptoms include diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps starting a day or two after being exposed to the bacteria. The symptoms usually go away in 5-10 days. Shigella can be stopped by frequent and careful hand-washing with soap.
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