Hero hockey fan blocks puck from hitting 4-year-old boy

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

A fun night at the hockey rink could have had a tragic ending, if not for a speedy Good Samaritan who saved the day.

Asia Davis and her 4-year-old son, Nasir, were watching the American Hockey League Cleveland Monsters recently when a puck flew out of play, directly toward the young boy inside Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

Fortunately, a fast-acting man seated near the pair reached out his arm and blocked the puck, preventing what could have been a catastrophe.

"That puck was coming so fast, you know. Especially when I realized it was coming, it was already there," Davis told ABC News Cleveland affiliate WEWS-TV. "He doesn't realize he almost got taken out by a hockey puck."

The moment was caught on video, but Davis said she didn't catch the man's name, so she turned to TikTok to help track him down.

Davis asked viewers on the social media app to help her find the man who saved her son, and the video quickly went viral

The Monsters caught wind of Davis' TikTok and helped track down Andrew Podolak.

"I was just coming out and trying to enjoy a hockey game and next thing you know everything blowing up on social media, this that and the other and a whole bunch of people contacting me," Podolak told WEWS. "Its truly a good feeling."

After the heartwarming tale of heroism and gratitude made the rounds online, Davis and her son reunited with Podolak at center ice for a ceremonial puck drop on Saturday.

"I'm really thankful that he was there," Davis said. "Thanks to Andrew, everything was fine."

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