Monrovia High School welcomes 98-year-old graduate into its class of 2020

Vivian Fisher has achieved a dream 82 years in the making; she's receiving her diploma from Monrovia High School and celebrates with the class of 2020.
MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- A high school graduation was delayed for decades. But nothing was going to deter Vivian Fisher from earning her diploma -- at 98 years old. That meant the graduates of Monrovia High Class of 2020 got one more history lesson before getting their own diplomas.

The route Fisher had to traverse to cross a stage and get her actual diploma may look long, but it pales in comparison the length of her wait. She should have rocked this diploma with the Class of 1938! But life stepped in and she had to wait a bit. Like 82 years!

"She was there to receive her honorary diploma because she wasn't able to get it when she was younger because she had to take care of her family," said great, great nephew Elijah Vance.

He's also in the class of 2020 and the one who helped her get to the stage. His dad Jason rented a passenger van to make sure as many Fishers as possible could make it to the drive-thru graduation.

"We had 12 people in there so we loaded it up everybody was able to come that wanted to come," said Jason Vance, Vivian's great nephew.

"This graduation ceremony will go down as one of the most unique and exceptional graduations that this school has had," said Kirk McGinnis, principal of Monrovia High School.

The Fisher family has a long and storied history in Monrovia. In fact, Vivian Fisher's father, Julian, has a city park named after him.

"Julian Fisher was the first black graduate of Monrovia High School, the first black police officer in Monrovia. They named a park after him so he must have been pretty significant in the community," said Jason Vance.

And so Vivian keeps the Fisher legacy moving into the future. For now, the family says she's not looking at any colleges, just a little sip of success.

'She was happy. She wanted a margarita afterwards," laughed Jason Vance.
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