COVID: Home swimming pool business booming across Southern California this summer amid pandemic

While many businesses continue to struggle during the pandemic, businesses that offer construction of backyard pools are in high demand.
RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. (KABC) -- As many businesses continue to struggle during the coronavirus pandemic, one business is booming just in time for summer: backyard home pools are now in high demand.

"With the pandemic and everything and being home so much, we looked at this backyard and thought you know, let's make our own paradise," said Camee Edelbrock of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Edelbrock and her fiancé share three grandchildren, and figured it was time for an upgrade to their property.

"If there's anything positive that came out of this pandemic, it's the fact that we can be together as a family," said Edelbrock.

Donald Goldstone is managing the project.

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"With COVID, the fear that people have of going out into the beaches for example or any place in the public is definitely driving people stay home more," said Goldstone with Ultimate Water Creations.

The downside is, there's so much construction work happening, he says the permitting process is completely overwhelmed. Meaning for those people just thinking about this now, it's probably too late.

"'Hey, I want to get a pool right now for my kids.' Well, unfortunately that won't happen," said Goldstone.

For those that don't have the money for a full pool install, there is a cheaper and quicker way to go.

"Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people really want to swim at home," said an employee of a local pool business.

Glenridge Pools has also seen a big surge in demand for above-ground pools, which are easily installed by the purchaser, which for many families makes more sense.

While home pools are arguably safer, installing one is not without cost.

"If they can afford to do something like this, this is something that everybody would dream of or want to do," said Goldstone.

For Edelbrock, it's worth it.

"I mean it's very scary for sure, but the fact that we all are getting together as families is a really neat thing," said Edelbrock.
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