Coronacuts buzz, expert advice before you grab the clippers during coronavirus pandemic

Coronacuts, the new "look" of the pandemic for the summer!
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As California prepares to reopen, getting a haircut again could still be weeks away or even longer. In the meantime, our Karl Schmid turns to the experts for advice on "do it yourself" haircuts during this very challenging time.

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Before mimicking video tutorials, here are some quick and easy tips from barber/stylist, Rick Villaseñor of Shorty's Barber Shop in West Hollywood.

"Without us, you know, grooming and all that, you start looking a little shaggy," said Villaseñor. "I think we should be a part of the essential workforce," he added.

Before grabbing a pair of scissors, Villaseñor suggests sharpening styling skills with product first.

"A pomade or something waxy, you can grab a little bit and push it down, run down and it will definitely help with little 'flyaways' or little hair that's sticking out," Villaseñor suggested.

If hair is out of control, some men are using clippers and opting for "buzzcuts" as an alternative.

"Most clippers come with guards; it's like one through like four. The higher the number, the less hair it is going to cut. You want the longest part on the top. I usually will start with the top and then work my way from the bottom up," Villaseñor explained.

Others are turning to trusting friends or relatives now turned hairstylists for support.

"My father-in-law cut mine. I said do a three all around the sides and then kind of trim it up a little bit off the top," on-air personality Mark Rogondino explained. Things didn't go as planned he said. "I'm going to have to do three all over," Rogondin continued.

So, think twice before giving yourself a haircut and perhaps leave the scissors to trained professionals.
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