Texas teen's dying wish to see parents again granted

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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Teen's wish is close to becoming a reality
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A teen's wish to see her parents again has been granted, Jessica Willey reports.

HOUSTON -- Qirat Chapra, an 18-year old girl with a heart-wrenching plea to see and hug her parents again before she dies, was granted that very wish Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

Chapra is chronically-ill and in Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. She is an American citizen, having been born here while her parents visited. They live in Pakistan and had been trying for years to see her, but their visa applications were denied multiple times.

She posted a video on social media begging the public to help get the powers-that-be to grant her dying wish.

Eyewitness News got immigration attorney Gordan Quan and Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) involved and Wednesday night, sister station KTRK-TV learned the teen's wish was granted. Neelam Ghanchi told KTRK-TV her parents' visa applications had been approved.

Two weeks ago, KTRK-TV spoke to the girl by phone from her hospital bed. Now she's heavily sedated, but her aunt says she did respond to the good news.

"She cannot move anything but she moved her left hand and shaked her hand and she's excited," Neelam Ghanchi said.

First it was a race against time for the visas, now it's another race to get here.

"Everybody's praying for her. We don't know how long she has...At least she can see her parents," said Ghanchi, who added Chapra's parents could be in Houston as soon as Saturday.

Ghanchi also thanked Quan, KTRK-TV, and Culberson.

"This reunion makes Thanksgiving especially meaningful for the Chapra family and for everyone that has been praying for them," Culberson said. "I was proud to help them, but it's not about me. It's a good news Thanksgiving story."

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