Sinh Sinh: Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant famous for its BBQ

HOUSTON, Texas -- Houston's Asiatown is known for its incredible food. But few places are as iconic as Sinh Sinh.

The family-owned Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant has been around for several decades and serves Chinese BBQ.

Diners love the juicy roast duck and crispy-skinned roast pork.

Sinh Sinh also offers live seafood, like king crab and spot prawns, that you can order straight from the tank.

Sinh Sinh is a family affair with multiple generations working to keep the beloved restaurant running.

"My parents are probably the most hardworking people I have ever seen," Adam Ling said. "They were working as much as they could to provide for our family. We grew up in poverty, and I find ourselves so fortunate, lucky to have parents that are so devoted to make our lives better."