How to cut men's hair during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine

LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens -- During the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, self-care and grooming appointments have been postponed indefinitely.

When it comes to haircuts, most women can let their hair grow out a bit until they can get back to the salon. However, men's hair can look messy FAST.

So, who's left to clean them up? Well, whoever they're stuck inside in quarantine...

Before I hacked away at my boyfriend's hair, I instilled the help of a professional. I called my stylist, Ryan Austin from IGK Salon SoHo for some guidance and basic tips (and it made my boyfriend feel a whole lot better).

Here's a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to clean up and trim up your man's locks... without adding any more stress in lockdown!

Whether you're buzzing or snipping with shears, look no further than this special episode of Glam Lab.

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