'How to Get Away with Murder' finale: Cast, fans say goodbye to hit ABC series

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BySandy Kenyon via OTRC logo
Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Sandy Kenyon has the latest as the cast of the ABC series "How to Get Away With Murder" and its fans get ready to say goodbye to the series.

The cast of the ABC series "How to Get Away With Murder" and its fans are getting ready to say goodbye as the series comes to a close Thursday night after half a dozen seasons and 90 episodes.

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It's a drama that made prime time more diverse and earned its star, Viola Davis, an Emmy Award to go with her Oscar.

"It shifted my life, and how do you say goodbye to something that shifted your life?" she said in February, before the pandemic hit.

It was a time before social distancing was required, when red carpets were still packed with people and the end of filming was cause for celebration and reflection.

"It's hard, because we're all so close," said Aja Naomi King, who played Michaela Pratt.

Fellow cast member Charlie Weber added that, "to be part of an ensemble of actors this talented for six years was a true honor."

Amirah Vann, who plays Tegan Price, agreed.

"(The cast) brought their 'A' game, and they're passionate about what they do," she said. "They love the stories that we are telling, and we are breaking barriers."

By teaching us "How To Get Away With Murder," law professor Annalise Keating did change the face of prime time network TV. And Viola Davis is clearly proud of her part in that.

"We had some really hot button issues that we explored, revealing what real womanhood was," she said.

Davis accepted the challenge of playing this character in all of her many complexities. In the final episode, Keating is on trial for murder - and the creator of the show, Peter Nowalk, has promised we're going to find out if it is, in fact, possible to get away with murder.

He also said any lingering questions will be answered and plot points resolved with, "happiness for some, misery for others."

Soon, only our memories will be left, and Viola Davis says those memories will be fond ones.

She likens the final hour to "a beautiful aria that ends on the most beautiful high note."