LA County campaign 'Make a Plan to Vote' aims to register more eligible voters

L.A. County officials said more than 88% of eligible voters have registered.

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Friday, October 14, 2022
LA Co. campaign aims to register more eligible voters before election
A new Los Angeles County campaign called 'Make a Plan to Vote' aims to register more eligible voters ahead of the 2022 midterm election.

EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- On Monday, the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office kicked-off a new campaign in East Los Angeles to get people in communities of color to go out and vote. The campaign is called Make a Plan to Vote.

"Please go out and register to vote because we are the change," said Angel Rivera, a new registered voter.

Rivera, 19, was at the campaign kick-off where he registered to vote for the first time. Rivera said he hopes this puts a message out and encourages more eligible voters to register.

"We talk about how there is nasty stuff out here. But, we don't go out to register and vote. That is really what matters," said Rivera.

According to the registrar's office, currently 88% of eligible voters have registered to vote. Officials hope to close the gap and reach 100% with the campaign by helping them make a plan to vote.

"We developed a tool to help you do that. If you go to, there is an interactive tool that can walk you through all of your options for voting in Los Angeles County," said Dean Logan, County clerk.

According to the registrar's office, this campaign effort also stems from a new report that shows there are more than 730,000 newly naturalized citizens in the state who are eligible to vote. Most of the new citizens are in Southern California and are from Asia and the Americas.

Rivera said his vote also counts for those who are not eligible to vote.

"And I think me voting, it speaks out for them, too. I am voting for people who help out my people, immigrants," said Rivera.

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