Hummer catches fire after driver fills up four 5-gallon gas containers in Florida

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Friday, May 14, 2021
AAA urges people not to 'panic buy' gasoline
The tri-state area receives about 45% of its gas from the Colonial Pipeline. There are other options too, including international imports, other pipelines and refineries. That means, don't panic

HOMOSASSA, Fla. (KABC) -- A Hummer caught on fire shortly after the driver filled up four 5-gallon gasoline containers Wednesday morning in Homosassa, Florida, according to local fire officials.

The Citrus County Fire Rescue says the driver of the 2004 Hummer H2 filled up gas cans at a Texaco Food Mart and firefighters responded to the vehicle fire not far from the gas station.

One person, presumably the driver, was injured and refused to be transported to be checked out.

The fire was extinguished in about 10 minutes.

The Florida State Fire Marshal arrived to investigate and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection was also notified to coordinate cleanup of the fuel spill.

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"There is no need for anyone to stockpile gasoline. Widespread panic buying could result in unnecessary perceived shortages," Wolf said in a tweet.

The Florida State Fire Marshal's Office will determine the official cause of the fire.

The incident comes after a major U.S. fuel pipeline was hit by a cyberattack, which caused long lines at gas stations in the Southeast due to distribution problems and panic-buying, draining supplies at thousands of gas stations.

Colonial Pipeline initiated the restart of pipeline operations late Wednesday.

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