Arrows randomly being fired into the air and landing on Huntington Beach homes, scaring residents

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Arrows randomly being fired into air, hitting Huntington Beach homes
Arrows are randomly being fired into the air at Huntington Beach and hitting homes. Residents are worried future attacks could result in injuries.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Arrows are randomly being fired into the air in Huntington Beach and hitting homes. Residents and police are worried that future attacks could result in serious injuries.

Neighbors in the communities near the intersection of Indianapolis Avenue and Brookhurst Street are on edge because the arrows, some with razor-sharp tips, are landing throughout their properties.

Police said on Tuesday that they weren't anywhere near making an arrest.

Area resident S.T. Wang and his neighbors said whoever is shooting these arrows at their homes was doing so at night.

"I always find them in the morning," Wang said.

Some of the arrows come with tips made of rounded metal. Some, however, are more frightening. They have three razor blades that come together to cut through anything in their path. Some who live in the area told Eyewitness News that those are hunting arrows. They're sharp enough to lodge into roof tops and it's keeping families indoors and on edge.

Many were afraid to go on camera, including one resident who said, "It's terrifying to know that somebody could actually be hit with one of them and it could hurt my dog. It could hurt me. It could hurt anybody."

Wang found an arrow just this past Monday. It's the seventh one that landed on his property over the last three weeks.

"And actually, this happens almost every day in the past two or three weeks," Wang said. "I don't know, somebody, maybe just for fun? I don't think they should keep doing this, right?"

It has happened to at least half a dozen homeowners in the neighborhood near the intersection of Indianapolis Avenue and Brookhurst Street.

Some have also found metal ball bearings around their houses. They said it's been a problem since this past summer.

"It's scary and we started getting them in our pool. We had the ball bearings and everything else that was showing up, so we were all concerned and everybody was looking out for each other," one neighbor said.

Huntington Beach police said the department has taken reports over the last two weeks.

"Before someone potentially could be injured by these arrows, we want the public to come forward if they have seen anyone walking with crossbow arrows, compound bow arrows or any other devices used to shoot arrows," said Jessica Cuchilla, the department's public information officer.

That's exactly what people living in this community want to avoid, too.

"I don't know if there's some kid that's just out there playing, but it can't go for months on end," one neighbor said.

Those living in the communities told Eyewitness News since Thanksgiving alone, they've found more than two dozen arrows. In addition, residents living in the area across Indianapolis Avenue are now also finding arrows in their neighborhood.