'I hope the doll is going to make her happy' Girl from Katrina-affected family donates to Harvey victim

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Friday, September 1, 2017
Little girl donates beloved doll to Harvey victim
Lilly Bice, an 8-year-old girl who lives near New Orleans, sent one of her favorite dolls, along with other toys, with her dad on his trip to help Harvey victims.

Lilly Bice is too young to have experienced what her family went through during Hurricane Katrina, but she is wise enough to empathize with Hurricane Harvey victims.

Uninstructed, the 8-year-old told her parents she would like to donate some of her toys. One of her favorite dolls had a note attached to it.

"Dear Little Girl, I hope you like my new doll and her things. Take good care of her and have fun. She was a good friend to me and will be an incredible friend to you."

Lilly's family, who lives in Diamondhead, Miss., near New Orleans, lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, before Lilly was born. Her parents were discussing that and even mentioned the possibility of her dad, E.J., traveling to Houston. Lilly overheard and came in with the toys and the sweet note.

"I hope the doll is going to make her happy," Lilly told ABC News. "She is one of my favorites."

Her dad was so moved that he decided he would take that trip to Houston. And, of course, he'll be bringing his daughter's donation with him and picking out a special little girl to receive the doll.

"I'm kind of nervous. I don't know who to give it to," he said.

Whoever receives it will be able to name it. Lilly created "adoption" papers for the doll and left the name blank for them to choose. Lilly's mom, Melissa, said the sweet gesture is just like her daughter.

"She understands more than an 8-year-old normally does," she said. "She's always been a giving child. She's really into presents and making things for people to make them happy."