Pets displaced by Hurricane Harvey brought to SoCal for adoption

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- It's raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles and it's all because of Hurricane Harvey.

Dozens of animals abandoned in the wake of the massive hurricane landed in the San Fernando Valley Thursday, flown in from shelters in Houston.

A total of 62 pets were brought here to find homes because Texas shelters are overwhelmed.

"I've got 17 puppies that all would have been euthanized," said Karen Halligan, the Chief Veterinary Officer of The Lucy Pet Foundation. "Look at this puppy. We saved his life!"

The Lucy Pet Foundation along with several other animal rescue groups pooled their resources to pay for the $28,000 charter flight to and from Houston, and it won't be the last flight.

The temporary shelters in Houston are slated to close their doors on Dec. 7 with hundreds of dogs and cats with no place to go.

Rescue workers are worried the animals will be euthanized so they are working to raise more money to pay for a return flight.
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