TRICK OR TREAT: Donut shop's scary clown delivers sweet terror

ByPooja Lodhia via KTRK logo
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
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Would you get your doughnuts delivered by this guy?

KATY, Texas -- You know Halloween is creeping up on you when unfriendly-looking clowns show up on your doorstep.

But here's a twist: What if that clown, with his smile full of jagged teeth and a face like "It," appears bearing sweet treats?

Depending on how you feel about clowns, your dream or nightmare could come true, thanks to Hurts Donut, a bakery in Texas.

The shop is offering scary clown deliveries.

The trick (or is it a treat?) seems to be going over well with at least some Hurts' fans.

"Please deliver to my daughter. She's terrified of clowns," one woman said.

"I'd love to have them delivered to my kiddos' bus stop in the morning. Those boys are always yelling, 'Clown, clown, are you down there?' I'd love to see the looks on their faces if he actually showed up," another said.

Others continued in the same vein, hatching plans on who they'd send the clown to first.