Veteran actress supports SAG-AFTRA strike, still allowed to promote new independent horror film

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Friday, August 18, 2023
SAG-AFTRA strike allows for promotion of indie films
'I was just at a picket line a day ago.' For actors like Diane Franklin there are times when it's okay to talk about their independent projects and not break any SAG-AFTRA Union rules.

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- As the SAG-AFTRA strike goes on, there are times when it's okay for actors to talk about their projects and not break any Union rules. Diane Franklin, who's been in the business since the 1970s, is a part of one such project. She's also very much supporting the strike.

"I was just at a picket line a day ago so I am very much about SAG," said Franklin.

Franklin is among the many SAG-AFTRA members who've spent time on picket lines like this one. She's been a member of the union for many decades now.

In the eighties, she was in "The Last American Virgin"... "Better Off Dead"... And "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Her current film is "Waking Nightmare."

"The reason you can speak to me today is because I- this project that I'm speaking to you about today- is an indie film and it is being released VOD on a private indie distribution area," said Franklin.

"Waking Nightmare" is a non-union film that's not associated with SAG-AFTRA or the major studios.

"I'm glad you brought it up because it's really important," said Franklin. "I would not to be able to do this if I didn't feel good, you know, that they weren't supporting. So, and the truth is that, you know, there's a lot of films that I did in the past that I can't speak about because they're streaming."

"Waking Nightmare" tells the story of a young woman getting help for a sleepwalking problem...but there may be a lot more to it.

"Yes, those of you who may know me from past work, you may want to think a minute before you watch this. If you like horror, if you like indie, then go for it!" said Franklin. "But if you want to remember me as my past roles, maybe you want to skip it because you are going to feel very different about me after you see this film! I'm a nice person but you won't know it from this film!"

"Waking Nightmare" hits VOD from Terror Films on Friday, August 18.