Trespassers wreak havoc inside Clippers' Intuit Dome arena in Inglewood after break-in seen on video

Friday, March 1, 2024
Trespassers wreak havoc inside Clippers' new arena after break-in
Two juveniles recently filmed themselves breaking into the construction site for the new Intuit Dome in Inglewood and causing damage inside the arena.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- First it was graffitied towers, and now a number of other famous buildings and local landmarks in the greater Los Angeles area are being targeted by trespassers who are recording their illegal invasions.

They then share them on social media and get millions of views.

"It will be very clear to these young men -- and to people who are TikTok followers -- that you have a moment of TikTok greatness followed by a little bit of misery. And so we don't play around with these things," Inglewood Mayor James E. Butts said.

Two juveniles recently filmed themselves breaking into the construction site at the new Intuit Dome. The video was posted to TikTok and captioned "Sneaking into clippers stadium."

Video showed the pair walking through the unfinished site. They eventually make their way to the basketball court and shoot around.

At one point, one of the young men grabs a fire extinguisher and vigorously sprays the basketball rim. By the end of the clip, they appear to be on the roof of the building.

"We know who the young men are. We have identified them and their parents, and they will be talked to probably tomorrow or the next day," Butts said.

2 arrested hours after group breaks into abandoned graffiti-covered high-rise complex in downtown LA

Two people were arrested at the site of an abandoned, graffiti-covered high-rise in downtown Los Angeles.

Inglewood police told Eyewitness News they are aware of the video and are investigating.

Meantime, it appears the breach of the new arena may not be the first time.

Another video shared by the same TikTok user posted in the summer now has 3 million views. It shows two juveniles sneaking into SoFi Stadium after hours.

The page also featured similar stunts at other popular venues like Dodger Stadium.

The TikTok video inside the Intuit Dome is just the latest example of construction sites around the city being targeted after recent break-ins and social media stunts at the now infamous graffitied towers in downtown L.A.

"When you have construction sites, they're nuisances and they attract kids and they attract people who wants to steal tools," Butts said. "The fact of the matter is, that's what happens when you build a major project."