6 stories of friendship to celebrate International Friendship Day

We've compiled some inspiring stories of friendship that we hope brighten your day.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020
Best friends learn they are sisters after 17 years
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They were always told they look and act like sisters. Last week, they learned they actually are. Community Journalist Matteo breaks it down.

July 30th is International Friendship Day and we're celebrating with some of our favorite stories through the years.

In a world rife with so much conflict, International Friendship Day was started in 2011 by the UN General Assembly in an effort to unite people of different cultures. It is an effort to inspire peace and a sense of community throughout our diverse world.

This year, the official United Nations Twitter account is viewing Friendship Day through the lens of coronavirus and social distancing. They tweeted, "Thursday is #FriendshipDay! Physical distancing during #COVID19 does not have to mean social or emotional isolation. Connect with your friends, be kind. We are in this together -- & we will get through this together."

Below are some beautiful stories to inspire you on International Friendship Day:

WATCH: Video of toddler 'besties' running toward each other, hugging in NYC goes viral

Grandma who invited wrong teen to Thanksgiving shares 4th holiday with him

Toddler befriends widowed WWII veteran

Disabled puppy and pigeon become besties at rescue shelter, becoming an internet sensation

Best friends learn they are sisters after 17 years

Orphans who were best friends in China share tear-jerking reunion

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