'Jeopardy!' kicks off nationwide tour at Hofstra University to celebrate 60 years

ByJanice Yu KABC logo
Thursday, April 11, 2024
'Jeopardy!' kicks off nationwide tour at Hofstra University
Janice Yu was at Hofstra University with details on 'Jeopardy!' going to college campuses.

HEMPSTEAD, New York -- One of the longest running game shows in history made its way to Hofstra University on Thursday as part of a nationwide tour celebrating "Jeopardy!"

Student super fans lined up for a chance to hold the actual buzzers used on the show and put their knowledge to the test.

"I'm really just a big fan of general trivia and stuff like that," said Dayita Biswas. "Also, I really like those crazy categories where you combine different words. It's such a brainteaser."

And for many like Christine Rice, watching the show is a family tradition.

"Oh, my gosh, I feel my heartrate going up and I'm like, 'OK, I hope I got this so I can answer this question because I know the answer,' but it's awesome," Rice said.

It was just the first stop of the show's country-wide tour as it celebrates its 60th anniversary as a chance to connect with new and long-standing fans.

"These types of events are just a way that we are helping to celebrate the fact that this is a show that has maintained a legacy for 60 years," said producer Sarah Whitcomb Foss. "It's a show that so many people love and enjoy."

There was also the premiere of a new interactive "Jeopardy!" game at Hofstra on Thursday.

Students will have a chance to compete against each other on their phones while Hofstra graduate and "Celebrity Jeopardy!" season two runner-up Katie Nolan will be hosting.

"We're not only going to test if you are correct, we're going to test who's the fastest to ring in, so people will have their phones out, will give their correct responses, we'll all play the Daily Double and Final Jeopardy and there will be a big winner going home from tonight's event," Whitcomb Foss said.

Officials say they are excited to bring the show to fans across the country and this is only the beginning.