4th annual swim across Lake Arrowhead raises money for cancer research at UCLA

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Lake Arrowhead swim raises money for cancer research at UCLA
After enduring years of cancer treatments, Jimmy Sanders maintains a positive outlook as he raises money for research through his annual swim across Lake Arrowhead.

LAKE ARROWHEAD, Calif. (KABC) -- It's difficult to believe what Jimmy Sanders has endured - yet he continues to inspire with his infectious warmth and positivity.

The avid swimmer is the founder of Jimmy Swims. On Saturday Sept. 2, the organization holds its fourth annual swim across Lake Arrowhead to raise money for cancer research.

Sanders was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012. Over time it spread to his lungs and he's undergone multiple rounds of treatments, including having part of his lung removed.

His first swim across the lake was just a personal challenge for himself, witnessed by a few of his friends. But the event soon grew as he welcomed the Lake Arrowhead community to participate. By last year, he had more than 80 join him.

Those who aren't avid swimmers are welcome to participate via kayak, paddleboard or other means.

Already, close to a quarter million dollars has been raised for the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation.

"This feeling of giving back, really that's my motivation," Jimmy says. "Knowing I can do good. Knowing my message can help other people out there who are battling disease. If they do have cancer - you don't have to give up. You just keep on going and keep on fighting."