Disney influencer who died after battle with COVID-19 remembered by family as a devoted nurse

From the time that Joshua Obra was a child, he was surrounded by Disney heroes. As an adult he became a real-life hero.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- From the time that Joshua Obra was a child, he was surrounded by Disney stories and their heroes. As an adult he became a real-life hero, working as a registered nurse.

"Josh, so selfless, you know, wanting to save others and care for others before himself," said his sister Jasmine days after Joshua died from COVID-19.

Joshua was called "a miracle baby." Born premature, he clung to life. At age 7, he begged his parents for a sister and Jasmine was born. Inseparable, they shared a love of all things Disney, traveling the world to every park.

Joshua became a Disney Instagram influencer, posting insider tips with the handle @disneylandpanda.

He also became an ABC7 Eyewitness, joining the news team at community events throughout the Southland.

His life in some ways followed a Disney storyline, how a humble figure faces fear and becomes a superhero.

Joshua worked at a convalescent home. His sister joined him there as a nursing student.

"I think in health care, when the COVID-19 pandemic came around, it's one of those things where as a nurse, you don't run away from the fire, you run straight into the fire," she said.

They were tested together. They had COVID-19 together.

But Joshua got worse.

"After the emergency room I waited until they took him inside. And when I took him inside and I was like, 'I love you, OK.' He said 'I love you, too.' And then that was the last time I saw him," says Jasmine.

Joshua was always Jasmine's hero. But she never thought his dedication would cost him his life.

She urges to save health care workers from such sorrow.

"So just be safe. Social distance. Wear a mask. Wash your hands," she said.

Jasmine pledges to follow in Joshua's footsteps in medicine, remembering what he taught her about work and play - that what often looks like magic is the result of someone's hard work and courage.
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