Jupiter, Mercury to appear to cross paths in March 5 conjunction

In the first week of March, two planets will appear side by side in the sky: Jupiter and Mercury.

Mercury, the smallest planet, and Jupiter, the largest planet, will meet on March 5 in a celestial event known as a conjunction. This means the planets will appear at their closest to each other. In reality, the planets are still millions of miles apart but appear close when their orbits align.

To catch a glimpse, look to the southeastern sky about an hour before dawn to see the two planets. Mercury is the hardest planet to spot due to its proximity to the sun, according to AccuWeather. Look for Jupiter, which will appear brighter and can help you locate the tinier planet.

Click here to check the AccuWeather forecast in your area for the latest viewing conditions.

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Look out for a planetary conjunction and the full worm moon in March, according to AccuWeather.

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