Woman fights off sex offender attack in Seattle-area bathroom

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Saturday, March 11, 2017
Woman fights off sex offender attack in bathroom
A Seattle woman tells her story of how she survived an attack by a known sex offender in the bathroom thanks to being aware and learning self-defense tactics.

A chilling Instagram post is inspiring women everywhere after a woman was attacked while out for a run.

Kelly Herron, 36, was 4 miles into a 10-mile run in a popular Seattle park when she stopped to use the restroom and was attacked by a known sex offender. Police said 40-year-old Gary Steiner assaulted Herron.

"As I was drying my hands, I became aware that something was wrong," she said. "It was a fight on the bathroom floor. All I could think was, 'Not today expletive,'" she said.

Her body-worn GPS showed her frantic attempts to get away from the suspect. She said she was able to pull herself out of the stall and get away from Steiner.

Herron said self-defense lessons saved her life. She fought back with tactics she had just learned three weeks earlier.

"I learned to put your hard bones in soft fleshy places. So I just started beating the side of his head with the side of my hand," she said.

She said she now feels empowered and wrote about her ordeal on Instagram.

Steiner was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault. Self-defense instructors agree that what Herron did was right. They say if the situation ever happens to be loud and fight back as hard as you possibly can.