Kevin Costner, Diane Lane reunite on the big screen for family drama 'Let Him Go'

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane co-starred in "Man of Steel" in 2013. Now they share the screen again in the dark family drama "Let Him Go."

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Friday, November 6, 2020
Costner, Lane reunite for new movie 'Let Him Go'
Kevin Costner and Diane Lane reunite on the big screen for the family drama "Let Him Go."

LOS ANGELES -- Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are back together on screen in the new movie. They first found chemistry in 2013's "Man of Steel."

Now, with "Let Him Go" they have a drama steeped in love. But when life takes an unexpected turn, things get ugly.

"I think that this is a tough movie, but I love it because it's a fight for kindness. That's how I feel about it," said Lane.

Lane and Costner play parents who've lost their son. Their daughter-in-law later marries the wrong man. And one day, without notice, they're just gone. Lane's character is determined to find them and make sure their grandson is OK.

"It had a lot of dread to it but inside it, it had this love story that you do follow the woman you love even when you know she's absolutely wrong. She might be morally correct. It might be ethically correct but instinct says we should not be involved here," said Costner.

Turns out, the young woman married into a dangerous family.

"It was great to live up to the script because it was well-written. It came from a great book," said Lane.

'I always feel like a good movie is a salmon headed upstream. There's a lot of things trying to kill it," said Costner. "There's the nets. There's the bears. There's the eagles. There's a committee that you have to avoid in order for a movie to hold its tone and tenor and when it does, it's wonderful to see."

"Let Him Go" is rated "R." It's new to theaters this weekend.