Teens attend Kollab Youth 'GPS for Success' event with retired MMA fighter Daniel Puder

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Kollab Youth 'GPS for Success' Workshop with ABC7 and Daniel Puder
Kollab Youth 'GPS for Success' Workshop with ABC7 and Daniel Puder

GLENDALE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- ABC7 and retired MMA fighter Daniel Puder partnered with Kollab Youth for 'GPS for Success' this Saturday.

Kollab Youth is a workplace development program created to help middle and high school students explore career opportunities in business, STEM, and other careers with high growth.

"Most groups aren't doing what Kollab Youth is doing," Puder stated. "We want to create a mindset for these kids to go after their dreams. The level of interaction Kollab Youth has achieved is not the norm. They are preparing teens for real life, and we are happy to be part of it."

This day-long workshop was designed and led by Puder with the help of Diana Pinto Puder to help teens identify strengths, plan for their futures, and create positive mindsets.

"There is no lag time when Daniel is with an audience," Mary Hewitt, CEO of Kollab Youth stated. "You are captivated the whole time. As long as our teens are open to the experience, I know it will accelerate their personal and professional growth."

The event was filled with engaging activities and insightful discussions where the teens learned about effective communication, decision-making, teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

'GPS for Success' was held at ABC7's Studio B in Glendale where students were given a studio tour and a chance to win prizes.

"If you want your kid to be more passionate and connected to amazing humans, all you have to do is go to Kollab. It costs nothing. It's added value. You get great mentorship and wisdom." Puder added.