Creative displays should catch shoppers' eyes at the LA Auto Show

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ByDave Kunz via KABC logo
Saturday, December 1, 2018
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The auto show is about drawing shoppers in, and car companies are getting more and more creative with their themes.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Maybe you're coming to the auto show to check out something practical -- Mazda's sleek new Mazda3 for example, or Toyota's first hybrid Corolla. Or the Honda Insight, which just picked up the Green Car of the Year award.

And then there are those slam-dunk dream cars. For example, Mercedes-Benz's hot, sexy AMG models, which seem to keep getting hotter and sexier. The newest AMG GT R model is ready to rip around your favorite race track, or maybe just in your head as a fantasy.

The auto show is about drawing shoppers in, and car companies are getting more and more creative with their themes. Ford's idea is bright blue cargo containers stacked high, creating a unique display space.

"They're really 'on brand,' they're rugged and tough, just like Ford trucks. But they're also very stylish and sophisticated like some of our other products, so they really work well with the brand," said Garett Carr of Ford Motor Company.

Volvo is celebrating people in its booth. Real people, on giant photographs hanging above the cars, who all work at Volvo's new U.S. factory.

"We've actually celebrated some of the people who are building our cars. So these aren't actors or models, they're actually the people who are building the S60 for us in South Carolina," said Dean Shaw of Volvo Car USA

Dog-friendly brand Subaru is letting some adoption-friendly dogs strut their stuff on the show floor. They've partnered with local shelter Best Friends Animal Society, and set up a small play area next to their cars, which will have dogs available for adoption on each weekend of the show.

"We're basically allowing you to come to the auto show, in a place where you can play with the dog, kind of get to know them. And if you like them, you can hopefully take them home," said Dominck Infante of Subaru.

And if you get dog tired walking the show, or maybe your phone does too, Chevy will give you a rest and some juice at padded benches with various phone charging cables and USB ports While you're charging up your phone battery, they're hoping you'll notice their gleaming new Silverado pickups parked right nearby, or perhaps one of the many other Chevrolets on display.

Some glitz, some glamour and some creativity in auto show display booths. All here to get your attention, and get you to take a closer look.