La Canada High Schoolers are serenading their town from a distance

Past and present La Canada High School students are practicing physical distancing while performing live music for their community.
LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (KABC) -- "We missed human interaction," said 19-year-old Will Chant. "We just wanted to walk around and play some guitars."

That's how the band Rose Avenue, made up of mostly past and present La Canada High School (LCHS) students, started performing live music for their community in late April.

Chant said he and band member Langdon Dearborn, a senior at LCHS, were walking around playing guitars when a couple asked them to play Jack Johnson.

As a former LCHS student myself, I remember spending the days ahead of summer outside and, more importantly, with friends. Rose Avenue said this is giving them the opportunity to do both of those things.

"We are incredibly appreciative right now of the strength of the La Canada community because it seems like people are really able to rally around something that they feel is bringing something positive to the community," Dearborn said.

Since they started the serenades, Rose Avenue has played dozens of shows and they expect to keep going. They're also raising money to finish mixing an album of original music they wrote while at LCHS as well as donating to Feeding America.

"Mixing is a pretty expensive endeavor for a band," Dearborn said. "And so, we thought it would be a pretty daunting process. But the response that we've been getting has been absolutely phenomenal."

The band also said being safe, and staying far apart, is a big part of their production process.

"We just want to emphasize that it is a safe endeavor and that we are respecting the guidelines," Dearborn said.
The serenades have also encouraged the band to expand their repertoire. Aside from songs they write, they're taking requests like "Brown Eyed Girl" and "The Piña Colada Song."

Rose Avenue credits Jason Stone, the LCHS band director, with mentoring and supporting their musical endeavors.

"This is not your normal like garage band group. This is like they're legit really talented musicians," Stone said.

"If somebody showed up on my front porch, my driveway, playing music I would fully appreciate it," he continued.

The musicians are Will Chant, Langdon Dearborn, Aram Behshid, Iman Behshid, Bill Kachoeff and Jordan Stroud. You can find more information on their Instagram Page.

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