La Crescenta family captures video of large mountain lion lurking in backyard

LA CRESCENTA, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A family of six in La Crescenta dealt with the fear of a massive mountain lion that lurked in their backyard.

"We're pretty scared. We don't want to let our kids out alone," Julie Ono said. "We were in the kitchen and I looked up out the window and saw an animal."

The Onos have lived in the area for five years and said they've never seen anything quite like it. Julie Ono said her husband took video two days ago of the large beast roaming around.

The family said they get deer and other animals regularly, but sightings of big and dangerous cats are rare. There is a sign in the neighborhood to warn others, but Ono said it's the first time in years anyone has seen a mountain lion in the neighborhood.

"It was beautiful. It was sitting right on our hill and it kept looking right at us, right in my eyes. I was just completely mesmerized - and terrified," Ono said.

The couple said they immediately taught all four of their children what to do if they encounter a mountain lion, bear or coyote.
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