CHP patrol cars crash during chase, sending 1 civilian to hospital and damaging nearby home

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Sunday, June 11, 2023
CHP cars crash during chase, sending 1 civilian to hospital
Two CHP patrol cars crashed into a civilian vehicle and a home's concrete fence as they pursued a motorcyclist wanted for speeding.

LA PUENTE, Calif. (KABC) -- Two CHP vehicles were involved in a collision as they chased a motorcycle wanted for speeding on Saturday.

The pursuit began at around 4:40 p.m. on the westbound side of the 10 Freeway. The crash occurred around 12 minutes later at the intersection of Hacienda Boulevard and Ector Street.

The crash involved the two CHP patrol cars and a civilian vehicle. The civilian car crashed into a fire hydrant and the CHP vehicles crashed into a private home's concrete fence.

Video showed one of the patrol cars smoking with the front bashed in after colliding with the fence.

A giant hole and yellow tape could also be seen where the CHP vehicles crashed.

"Tires screech and then what follows, police sirens and then I heard the crash," said Nestor Rendon, a resident of the home impacted by the crash.

Rendon said he initially went out to look thinking another accident had occurred on the busy street in front of his house, but he never expected to see two CHP patrol cars crashed onto his family's front yard.

"I see two highway patrols on the front yard right by my mom's room, and I run to check on her. She was fine, thank God," said Rendon.

The civilian driver of the car that crashed was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The fire hydrant was fixed several hours later.

The motorcyclist being pursued was caught on foot down the street from the collision. The motorcycle was registered out-of-state, but was not stolen.

For the Rendon family, they are just glad the concrete fence stopped the patrol cars from crashing into their house.

"Really close call. Thankfully I'm fine, she's fine and my uncle is fine. We're the only ones in the house now," said Rendon.