Lancaster mayor proposes ditching ties for all city employees as matter of health

LANCASTER, Calif. (KABC) -- The mayor of Lancaster is proposing that all city employees ditch ties and have a more relaxed business attire as a matter of health.

Mayor R. Rex Parris attended a city council meeting without a tie even though it wasn't casual Friday. He believes all city employees should go for a more relaxed style.

"There's also a gender discrimination issue to it because it's only enforced against men. It would be tantamount to us saying that women had to wear high heels. We know it's bad for them," he said.

Some people in the Lancaster community said they liked the idea.

Banker Rudy Enriquez said he feels a sense of freedom when he rips off the stuffy tie.

"It's a tie. I don't want it on me, but when I'm actually at work I want to be presentable to the public," he said. "But I have quite a few friends who are actually in banking. When they're driving to work, they don't wear it either so there is something to that study."

Parris said getting rid of the tie is actually a matter of health based on a recently released study in the journal of neuroradiology. The study suggests wearing neckties may lower blood flow to the brain, curbing creativity and analytical thinking.

"The medical journals have just come back saying that on average - meaning across the board - people lose about 7.5 percent of their blood flow to their brain if they wear a tie," Parris said.

Parris said if he can't make it a mandate for city employees to get rid of ties, then he'd like to at least make it optional.

Art Lombard would not be caught dead wearing a tie.

"I raise animals, OK? A tie gets in the way," he said.
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