Women learn self-defense moves at LAPD workshop in Boyle Heights

BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A self-defense instructor provided some tips and demonstrated some skills that could help someone fight back during an attack.

"Thoughts go through my head all the time so it's like, 'If I were to get attacked, what am I going to do?'" student Erika Sanchez said. "When I heard about the self-defense class, I'm like, well I'm not going to be an expert once I get out of there, but I'm going to know what to do first."

Nearly two dozen women of all ages attended a free class at the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollenbeck station. Crime statistics show that women are frequently the target of violent crimes, including sexual assault.

Officers organized the class to help prevent women from becoming victims.

"Something that we can help them empower themselves to be able to protect themselves out on the street," Officer Melissa Ibanez said.

The police partnered with a Jiu Jitsu expert, who showed them techniques that anyone can learn.

"I'm giving them a few ways to escape while being in that situation and also giving them the flip side of that, which is how to control someone from that," instructor Nancy Gregerson said.

The women said knowing a few moves makes a difference.

"I also think that helps with your persona when you're walking from a building or walking to your car or going anywhere - you know, the more confident the woman, the less chance that somebody is going to choose you as a victim," student Terry Cano said.

The LAPD officers said they hope to hold the class once a month.
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