'Later Days' pays tribute to classic 80s films; real life married couple stars in nostalgic comedy

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Saturday, October 30, 2021
'Later Days' pays tribute to classic 80s films
The new movie "Later Days" offers a tip of the hat to some favorite films from the 80s, with a grown couple reliving high school, if even for a night.

HOLLYWOOD -- When David Walton and Majandra Delfino were offered the chance to star in a movie together, how could they say no? The two actors are happily married in real life...and now, they're also married in their new movie, "Later Days."

Walton plays a stay-at-home dad who decides to do something special for his wife's birthday by throwing her an '80s-themed party. He channels "Risky Business" for his costume.

"I've never spent so much time choosing underwear for a film!" said Walton. "He's basically going as Tom Cruise to this costume party that he's thrown that he ended up inviting, making an open invitation on Facebook, so all these weird people show up for what's supposed to be an intimate party for his wife. And all hell breaks loose."

"We sort of start as immature adults in the beginning and then we end as slightly less immature adults in the end," said Delfino. "All in one day. It can happen. And it does."

The couple says there were no nerves involved with working together on this film. They've done it before!

"Well, we met on set working together, so we thought, 'All right, let's see how much has gone, you know, down the hill since then.' And it actually worked out. It was more fun this time than the first time," said Delfino.

"Yeah, we met, basically, in a make-out scene and now we have children together!" said Walton.

The actors say this movie will leave you feeling nostalgic for a slew of classic movies.

"If you love John Hughes movies, you know, 'Ferris Buehler's Day Off,' 'Breakfast Club,' and you're feeling like you haven't seen one that's like it in a long time, come check this out," said Walton.

"This is your fix!" said Delfino.

"Later Days" is now in select theaters and on demand and wherever you stream. It's rated R.