LAUSD systems hit by cyberattack but class will resume Tuesday staff KABC logo
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
LAUSD hit by criminal cyberattack
The FBI is helping investigate after the Los Angeles Unified School District said its systems were disrupted by a cyberattack that is "likely criminal in nature."

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Los Angeles Unified School District was suffering from major technical issues Monday after it was subject to an external cyberattack over the weekend, district officials confirmed.

Parents and teachers were complaining all day about difficulty accessing computer systems, including email.

By Monday evening, the district confirmed it had been hit by an external cyberattack "which is likely criminal in nature."

District officials say classes will resume Tuesday as normal following the Labor Day weekend as the investigation and response to the incident continues.

Officials say they do not expect major disruptions to technical services on Tuesday, but "business operations may be delayed or modified."

The nature of the attack and extent of the disruption were not specified.

District officials contacted federal agencies over the weekend, and the FBI and Homeland Security are now assisting in the investigation.

A hotline is available for parents with any issues relating to transportation at (800)522-8737. Another hotline is available for general districtwide issues or questions: (213)443-1300.