iOS17's new live voicemail feature could become a tool for scammers

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Monday, October 2, 2023
How scammers could use this new iOS17 feature
How scammers could use this new iOS17 feature

Apple's new iOS17 has a lot of useful features, like live voicemail. But scammers are finding uses for the tool.

Live voicemail is like screening calls on the answering machine you probably had 30 years ago. Instead of audio, you're reading the voicemail's transcript. It's meant to give you time to decide if you want to answer, or just leave them "on read."

However, some security experts said getting the message in real-time could rush you into picking up or pressing buttons you don't want to press.

"Normally what happens when a scammer leaves a voicemail, you can look at the voicemail and decide over time is this a scam or is this real -- 'Is this really my bank calling?'" CEO of YouMail Alex Quilici explained. "Now as the call's coming in, they're saying, 'Hey, we're about to transfer $2,000 out of your account, press one if this is an error otherwise, we'll let it go through.' They create a sense of urgency as you are reading the transcribed message, which gets people to pick up, thinking it's their bank, when it's not."

If you download iOS17, live voicemail is turned on by default. If you're worried you or a loved one may be tricked by scam calls, it's easy to turn off.

Go to settings, tap the "phone" option, select "live voicemail" and toggle it on or off.

If you keep using the feature, just remember you shouldn't always believe everything you read.

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