Loma Linda University Medical Center moves to new campus, expands children's hospital

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Thursday, August 12, 2021
Loma Linda University Medical Center moves to new campus
Loma Linda University Medical Center is moving next door to a new campus, including a new adult hospital and expanding their children's hospital.

LOMA LINDA, Calif. (KABC) -- One of the most prestigious medical centers in the Inland Empire is moving to a new campus. Loma Linda University Medical Center and children's hospital has a new building next door to call home. The new campus is about a million square feet.

"It is one of the largest health care facilities in California. It's certainly the tallest," said Richard Dallam with NBBJ, an architecture and design firm involved in the project.

The building is named after Dennis and Carol Troesh. According to the medical center, they gifted $100 million toward the project. The new campus includes a completely new 320-bed hospital for adults, and they are expanding their children's hospital to accommodate more patients, too.

"Our challenges are like any other completely new construction project. but that is why practice and practice again," said Kelsey Keller, a spokesperson with the medical center. "Validating every one of our machines and making sure that on move day all of the equipment is in the right places and all of the right people are in the right places."

According to the hospital, it took more than 5,000 trucks of concrete to build the campus, and enough steel was used to erect 2.5 Eiffel Towers. They will be moving patients to the new campus on Sunday.

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