Lomita celebrates ZIP date

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Friday, September 8, 2017
Lomita celebrates ZIP date
The calendar and a zip code collided Thursday in Lomita.

LOMITA, Calif. (KABC) -- The calendar and a ZIP code collided Thursday in Lomita.

The crash created waves that reverberated, well, only in Lomita really. But residents there were excited nonetheless.

"It's once in 100 years that it comes around for this city," said Delbert Rocha, Postmaster for Lomita.

The date Thursday, 9/07/17, synced perfectly with Lomita's zip code, spurring U.S. postal workers to issue a special cancellation stamp for people who wanted to collect them.

Dozens of people lined up at the Lomita post office for the commemorative postmarks, some purchasing $5.49 cache envelopes for the cancellation stamps.

Friday's date, 9/08/17 syncs with the Long Beach zip code 90817. No word if postal officials there plan to mark the day with any special events.