NFL inspects progress on new L.A. football stadium, preparations for 2022 Super Bowl

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
NFL inspects progress on new L.A. football stadium
Crews are working to finish construction of the new Los Angeles football stadium by next summer.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- The new Los Angeles football stadium is getting ready to open next year and NFL officials visited Tuesday to make sure it will be ready to host the Super Bowl in 2022.

The construction site is a small city full of activity - some 3,000 workers every day building the new stadium.

"We've been lucky to be in a number of new stadiums lately for the Super Bowl but this will take it to another level," said Peter O'Reilly, executive vice president of NFL special events.

Kevin Demoff, chief operating officer of the Los Angeles Rams, says "It's been 30 years since Los Angeles last hosted a Super Bowl. This will be the largest tourist event in Southern California since 1984 Olympics."

NFL executives took a tour of this immense project that promises to be one of the premiere stadiums anywhere in the world.

After it opens the L.A. stadium is poised to host not only the Super Bowl but Olympic events as well.

Los Angeles Chargers chief of staff Fred Maas said: "This is more than just the football stadium and it's something I think that anyone who lives in Los Angeles can enjoy and partake in. There will be a full range of activities and it's going to become a signature for this incredible city."

There will be restaurants and stores and entertainment areas. NFL officials say they are making sure everything is perfect for the fan experience.

"It absolutely blows you away. The scale in the way, not only the stadium will come to life, but this entire district will come to life, in a way that will make this an incredibly special Super Bowl," said O'Reilly.

The stadium is about 75 percent complete and is set to open in the summer of 2020.