Lakers photographer shares exclusive photos at LA Public Library

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Thursday, March 28, 2019
Lakers photographer shares behind the scenes photos
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Photographer Andy Bernstein has been shooting Lakers games for 37 years. He is sharing some of his unique behind-the-scenes photos in a rare exhibit at the L.A. Public Library.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Andy Bernstein's photo exhibit at the L.A. Public Library is saying quite a bit about the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I'm blessed I can bring my creativity and talent and my true love for the game," Bernstein said.

He was raised as an avid hockey fan. When he was 14-years-old, his dad bought him a camera to take photos of the family vacation.

Now, 46 years later, he is one of the best-known sports photographers in the country.

Many of Bernstein's can't-miss NBA photos are now on display in a special exhibit at the L.A. Public Library. The images were selected from the thousands Bernstein has taken over the years.

"They came to me and said, we'd like you to do this," Bernstein said, "I said, I'll send you some photos. They said, no, we will find the pictures."

The pictures on display include Kareem wearing his own socks, Kobe on ice, Shaq in a hot tub and Magic Johnson sharing a moment with his rival, Celtics legend Larry Bird, on the night Bird's jersey was retired in Boston.

"I was truly the fly on a wall," Bernstein said. "I was kind of hanging out with Magic a little bit. I saw he was going to go meet with Larry just before this thing started. They were having a moment together."

But don't expect any images from a Lakers game. The unique exhibit shows the Lakers behind the scenes. The exhibit is on display through June 23 at the L.A. Public Library.