Chino Hills family terrified after hidden camera found planted outside home

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Saturday, May 11, 2024
Chino Hills family shocked after hidden camera found outside home
A Chino Hills family is scared and concerned after a hidden camera was found recording their house. A neighbor found the camera planted near a tree and told the family.

CHINO HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- A puzzling discovery has unsurfaced quite a mystery in one Chino Hills neighborhood.

A hidden camera was found buried outside of a home near Glen Ridge Drive and Palisade Street - and no one knows why.

James Dimapasok lives across the street from where the camera was planted.

"So the device looked like it was a rock," Dimapasok said. "It was covered in clay, made it look like a rock and underneath the device it had a power bank."

He said a neighbor found it on April 29.

"He looked at it. When he found the camera, he pulled it up and downloaded the footage and he said, 'Hey, this footage is pointed directly at your house,'" Dimapasok said.

Also, Dimapasok went back and reviewed video from his home surveillance camera, which shows a person on a scooter pull up to the area where the device was later found.

"From looking at the footage that they have it's a constant recording so when we found it, it had two days worth of recording," he said. "From researching the power bank, it looks like it's a pretty expensive power bank and a camera as well."

Dimapasok has lived in the neighborhood for the last 15 years and owns a business.

He doesn't know the intentions of the person who hid the camera, but he suspects his home was being targeted for a future burglary.

"I've never carried any money bags into the house or anything to that affect. I don't know why they would think otherwise," Dimapasok exclaimed. "My money is in the bank. I'm not stupid, so I have no cash in the house."

Dimapasok has a wife and two kids who are terrified because the camera captured the family leaving the house and coming home.

They're hoping to find out if this has happened to other people.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is investigating.