Los Angeles shuts down 500+ illegal medical marijuana clinics, city attorney says

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Thursday, April 9, 2015
LA shuts down 500+ illegal medical marijuana clinics
City Attorney Mike Feuer says his office has successfully closed more than 500 illegal medical marijuana dispensaries.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You can still get your medical marijuana in Los Angeles, but the Wild West weed days in the city may now be numbered.

"People who are really sick, who are suffering with cancer or other serious illnesses ought to have medical marijuana to alleviate their pain, but there are too many dispensaries," said City Attorney Mike Feuer. "They were too close together; they were too close to schools and sensitive sites."

Feuer is proud of the progress his department has made in shutting down illegal pot shops.

Two years ago, voters passed Proposition D, which put tough restrictions on medical marijuana facilities.

At the time, close to 700 clinics were operating in the city.

"We have succeeded in closing more than 500 illegal medical marijuana businesses here in the city of Los Angeles," Feuer said.

There are close to 120 clinics that currently meet the city's guidelines for immunity, but that too is something the city is constantly reevaluating.

Clearing the air on illegal clinics will keep the city attorney's office busy. And keep those still operating on their toes to make sure they stay within the city's tough guidelines.

Feuer says they have been challenged in court several times over the guidelines, but so far, they have won every case.