FACEism: The segregated Japanese-American unit that rescued the 'Lost Battalion' during WWII

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Friday, June 4, 2021
The Japanese-American unit that rescued trapped soldiers during WWII
In this FACEism report, we revisit how a segregated unit of Japanese Americans rescued the "Lost Batallion" during World War II.

When the United States fought the world's most notorious white supremacist, Adolf Hitler, during World War II, the country did so with a segregated army.

During the war, a segregated unit of Japanese Americans rescued the "Lost Battalion," a regiment that was hopelessly surrounded by Germans in France.

Decades later, the real story of courage, sacrifice and prejudice still lies on a dark cold hillside in the Vosges forest of France.

In this FACEism report, David Ono revisits the battle that provides a sobering lesson about our own prejudice and the heroes that rose above it.

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