LAPD detective releases mariachi music video, sings about growing up in East LA

LAPD detective released a music video where he sings about his two passions, law enforcement and mariachi music.
BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Police Department Detective Chris Reza, who is a cop known for singing mariachi music, released his first music video in May. He expresses his two passions in the video, law enforcement and mariachi music.

"It's a very personal project that I was able to complete, that speaks of my upbringings in East L.A. and everything that I have been through mixing mariachi music with a career in law enforcement, and everything that led me to that point," said Detective Reza.

The music video is Detective Reza's new single 'El Servidor' or 'The Servant,' and focuses on his identity.

"It goes back to we're basically civil servants. We're police officers with the L.A.P.D.. We are to protect and to serve. So, it's something that I thought resonated well with being the name of the song was 'El Servidor.'"

Reza has been singing mariachi music for about 20 years and has released 11 songs since then.

He said it's a passion instilled in him by his mother from when he was a young boy.

"Mariachi music was my mom's undertaking and she really spent time getting me to appreciate the lyrics of a song, the love of the music," said Reza.

His passion to be a part of law enforcement comes from his two older brothers, who are also police officers.
Detective Reza said he's going on his 16th year with the department.

"It's something that I think I really enjoy doing," said Reza. "Being able to do both of them and combining them both at the same time."

He's also working on more material to follow up on his music video.

He said he hopes that his realization of him pursuing his dreams, of being with law enforcement and a mariachi singer, can have a long-lasting impact on others.

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