Change in trash collection businesses causes pile-up in Maywood

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Friday, September 14, 2018
Change in trash vendors causes trash pile-up in Maywood
The trash has been piling up on many Maywood streets for days and its because the trash collection companies switched.

MAYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- The trash has been piling up on many Maywood streets for days, and the old trash collector picked up its bins last week.

The new company, Commercial Waste Services, has given out one of the three bins needed for each resident to some households - but not all.

Rafael Gutierrez rushed out Thursday morning to reach one of two trash trucks making the rounds. Some of Rafael's neighbors have one bin, but he's one of the many without one.

"That was all my trash. It was like about 10 trash bags. We have a baby and we don't have nowhere to put the dirty Pampers at," he said.

In off-camera interviews, one member of the Maywood City Council and one city official said they're just as frustrated as the residents.

They've been getting assurances from Commercial Waste Services that they're working on taking care of the residential and commercial customers who don't have bins or large containers for their trash, officials said.

The residents who spoke with Eyewitness News said it's been a week since the trash has been picked up. They said they've been instructed to leave their trash on the curb while they wait for bins.

Hector De La Cruz said he doesn't have any bins either.

"I call last week on a Friday, they told me they'll take a can to my house and never did. I call all this week and never," he said.

One Commercial Waste Services employee said they're trying to catch up with all of the demands since getting the new contract. The hope is to have all of the bins distributed by Friday.